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Bump your frontend (GUI) Skills by learning the basics and fundamentals with deep dive and hands-on with Angular. As well as learn best practices to architect an Angular application with clean code.

What I need to know before starting the course?

  • Basic knowledge of html/css.
  • Passion of programming.

What can I expect from the course?

You can expect detail knowledge of Angular with the help of great designed video lectures.

  • Hands-on code exercises.
  • Technical quizzes.
  • Technical assignments.

What can I be able to accomplish after finishing the course?

You can build and design your own Angular application with multiple pages and as well as how they are connected with backend server to fetch the data and display in user interfaces.

What are the key takeovers from the course?

After finishing the course successfully you will be able to answer the following questions.

  • What are the capabilities of Angular?
  • How to build GUI with Angular?
  • How the GUI works with backend server?
  • How the authentication mechanism works?
  • How  the protected and unprotected pages works?
  • How Angular works with headless cms?

Can I get badge after finishing the course?

Yes you will get a course badge Skillbump Angular Ninja by the finishing the course successfully with at least 85% of percentage in quizzes and assignments.

Can I get certificate after finishing the course?

Yes you will get a certificate by the finishing the course successfully with at least 70% of percentage in quizzes and assignments.

What if I fail in quiz or assignment, can I reattempt?

Yes you can reattempt the quizzes and assignments multiple times.

Course Curriculum

Part 1: Introduction
Course introduction FREE 00:00:00
Structure of the course 00:00:00
What is Angular? 00:00:00
Angular vs AngularJS? 00:00:00
Discuss with peers, Join online community 00:00:00
What is Angular CLI? 00:00:00
Setup Environment 00:00:00
Create your first Angular application 00:00:00
Postmortem of code structure 00:00:00
Part 2: ES6 and Typescript
What is ES6? 00:00:00
ES6 Features 00:00:00
What is Typescript? 00:00:00
Typescript Features 00:00:00
Part 3: Getting Started
Introduction of Modules 00:00:00
Bonus: Interview with XXXX

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